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Booking Procedure:

Please fill in the registration and booking form and send it to us together with a non-refundable/non-transferable cash deposit of £100 and £50 registration fee. The £100 deposit will be refunded the following month of your child leaving. A receipt will be issued when the deposit is received which will ensure that your requested place is being reserved and will be held for your start date. Please note that the registration fee must be paid in full, prior to the child/children commencing their taster sessions.

Change of Sessions:

If you would like to change the sessions you have booked, please conofirm this in writing at least 4 weeks in advance.

Sessions for Sale:

We have a 'sessions for sale' scheme which allows you to sell sessions to other parents at a discounted price if you are going on holiday.


Your child will be given his/her own personal diary in a bag that will be updated on a daily basis to show what he/she has done on that particular day.

If you have authorised someone else to collect your child at any time, this must be confirmed in writing. If it is an emergency the parent/guardian must telephone the nursery to confirm that someone other than themselves will be collecting the child. The password will be asked for on all occasions. If anyone fails to deliver the password upon collection, the child will not be handed over and the parent/guardian will be contacted.


LiTtLe AnGeLs is a full-time nursery open 51 weeks of the year. Fees are payable throughout the year apart from when the nursery is closed for one week. Fees are payable one month in advance (due by the 1st) however failure in doing so will result in a charge of £20 added to the invoice and an extra £2 for every day until payment is received. Late pick up of a child will result in a charge of £10 for every 15 minutes. Fees can be paid directly into the bank account, can be cash, cheque or in the form of nursery vouchers. We accept all nursery vouchers. If your child starts part way through a particular month we will ask for those months’ fees in advance.

Notice of Termination:

We require two month’s notice in writing if you wish your child to leave the nursery. Fees will still need to be paid during the notice period even if your child does not attend. LiTtLe AnGeLs will be able to terminate the contract without notice if fees have not been received or any misconduct has occurred.

Opening Hours:

LiTtLe AnGeLs Nursery is open all year round. We are closed bank/public holidays however these days are not charged. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

Personal Properties:

When your child starts nursery, he/she will be given a bag with a diary that will be updated on a daily basis. We ask you to bring the following items clearly labelled with their name:

> Any comforter that your child cannot be without
> Lots of extra socks and underwear during potty training
> Full change of clothing
> Shoes and coat
> Sun hat and sun cream (on sunny days)
> Warm hat and gloves (on cold days)
> Wellington boots (on rainy days)


If your child is not well we ask you to keep them at home and inform the nursery that they will not be attending. If your child is not well at nursery, we will contact you and ask them to be collected. LiTtLe AnGeLs believe that the best place for your child when they are unwell is in the comfort of their home surroundings so we ask you to keep him/her at home for 48 hours after the last bout of sickness and/or diarrhoea. Fees are payable in full when your child is absent or sick. If your child needs to be given a prescribed medicine, you will be asked to complete a medicine administration form. Please give any clearly labelled medication to a member of staff who will store it safely. We will not be administering any type of non-prescribed drug (including Calpol).


Please note that the nursery operates a minimum two session policy. This is to ensure your child has consistency to settle in and enjoy their time at nursery.

Extreme Circumstances:

If the nursery has to close, or we take the decision that the nursery must close due to events or circumstances outside our control, we shall be under no obligation to provide alternative child care facilities. If the closure exceeds one week in duration (excluding any days when the nursery would otherwise be closed i.e. week-end; Christmas; New Year) we will credit you with an amount that represents the number of days/sessions you would have lost as a result the closure.