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Our Fees

For our most up to date fees please telephone us on (01273) 380067 or email us at

What's Included?

> Morning sessions include breakfast and lunch.

> Afternoon sessions include mid-afternoon snack and high tea.

> All day sessions include breakfast, lunch, mid-afternoon snack and high tea.

> Various fruit or vegetables are offered to all children at snack time.

> Drinks consist of milk and water.

> Nappies: Disposable nappies are included in the price up to the age of two. Children who are still in nappies from 2 years must supply their own.

Early Years Funding (EYFE)

All three and four year olds and some two year olds are, from the term after their second or third birthdays, eligible for early years free entitlement (EYFE) funded hours 15 hours a week for 38 weeks per year (term-time only).  Some three and four year olds are eligible for up to 30 funded hours a week (term-time only) if their parent/s are eligible. For further information go to the government’s Childcare Choices website

Some EYFE only sessions are available. These are flexible so could be morning,  afternoon or a school day.  Please see the Nursery Manager for availability.

 Although we are open all year round, the EYFE sessions are for 38 weeks per year which corresponds with local school term-times. Full fees are applicable in non-term time i.e. school holidays.  However, some funded term time only sessions are available. These are subject to availability. Please speak to the Nursery Manager regarding these sessions.

Regular non attendance when receiving EYFE may result in the hours not being paid for by the Local Authority and therefore the cost being passed on to the parent.

We require a minimum of 4 weeks notice to terminate your booking.

Our EYFE rates are as follows:

EYFE Sessions (3 hours EYFE applied per session, either AM or PM)

Age 3-5 yrs

1 Full Day 8-6 is 2 sessions so 6hrs EYFE = £36.00

1 Morning 8-1 is 1 sessions so 3 hrs EYFE = £27.70

1 Afternoon 1-6 is 1 sessions so 3 hrs EYFE = £26.90